Ally Updates

In progress:

– Systematic review of the attractant-decoy and repellent-plant hypothesis ACCEPTED to JPE, still need to review and approve drafts

– Systematic review on the stats methods used in pollinator facilitation studies complete, may submit to PeerJ

– permit application for Mojave

– video processing, stats, and presentation for NSTP talk on the magnet hypothesis in the alpine

– Submit RCF application


To do:

– Narrative review on facilitation history for critical skills

– Open science product on stats review

– figure out search terms for ch. 1 of thesis (meta/syst review on magnet hypothesis for pollination)

– plan out field season/thesis and design experiment – double magnet hypothesis (ch.2/3)

– NSTP 2015 (Churchill, MB) proposal and design

– turn thesis into MS, primary edits