Shrub-animal density dependence in desert ecosystems

By: Mario Zuliani

Positive interactions between plant and animal species have been reported in most ecosystems globally. Most literature that looks at these interactions, particularly in arid ecosystems, reports the facilitative interactions occurring between shrub and animal species. With these types of interactions being present, one begs to question; does the density of these foundational shrub species have a relationship with the animal abundance present near them? That being said, understanding this relationship could potentially be used for remediation efforts, for many of the animal species using these shrubs.

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Some more interesting videos from Carrizo


In the last 0.50 seconds, a leopard lizard runs in the bottom right corner.


Have no clue what this guy could be? Can anyone lend me a hand? (Who’s that Pokemon?)

Interesting Camera Trap Videos from Carrizo Summer 2018


A video showing a Jack Rabbit Pooping at night, in the Carrizo Plain. One of the videos I have found while going through my camera trap data.


Similar to the previous post showing the Shrike take-off. This one shows it from a side profile.


A video of a Kitfox interacting with the camera trap at night. It seems that it has taken an interest in it and is a little curious.


Now that the Kitfox is gone, we have 2 Kangaroo Rats in view. Seems that they are foraging for some food to eat. This video was a few hours after the Kitfox was around.


The final video shows a Jack Rabbit early in the morning taking an interest in the Camera Trap. Similar to the Kitfox, it seems that the animals are a little curious.