Jenna Braun

I am interested in plant-insect interactions, restoration ecology and spatial ecology. I completed my undergrad at McMaster University in biology and environmental science and my previous experiences include examining insect communities in restored and remnant tallgrass prairie sites, cataloguing local forest diversity and structure, and creating a permanent forest dynamics plot. In addition to biology, I really enjoy cycling, knitting and gardening.


Alex Filazzola

I am interested in positive interactions, restoration ecology, and biological conservation/sustainability. Currently, I am studying plant facilitation and its restoration applications in Californian deserts. I enjoy greatly biology and what I do, but I also live a second life as a die-hard music enthusiast.



Nargol Ghazian 
My interest lies in examining the frequency and abundance of different animal species through data extracted from camera trap photos. Currently I am studying the above parameter from pictures in the Californian desert in hopes of finding the link between certain interactions. I also enjoy cooking as much as eating.

Stephanie Haas

Ecologist with interest in plant-animal interactions in deserts.


Christopher Lortie
I am an integrative scientist. I enjoy creative challenges but hate puzzles. I love being outside. I love to run. Plants are cool. I want to learn how to build interaction networks. Here is my personal website:


Jacob Lucero

I am a community ecologist interested in connecting ecological patterns to the processes that drive them.  To do this, I use a combination of theoretical and empirical approaches, but I’m a sucker for field experiments!  I conduct most of my work at regional and global scales in hot deserts.  I enjoy most anything that gets me moving outdoors: running, biking, hiking, fishing, etc.  I have four very silly kids, which means that my TinkerToy skills are formidable.



Malory Owen

I’m interested in positive plant-animal interactions, conservation biology, spatial ecology, and science advocacy. I’m working on my Masters at York University, and I have completed my Bachelors in Zoology, Environmental Science, and Geography at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. There I looked at how vegetation characteristics influence the reproductive success of female prairie voles. When I’m not doing science stuff, you can find me working on a collage or out looking for birds.

Diana Pik

I am a biology undergraduate student at York University. I am fascinated by the large scale effects of seemingly inconspicuous ecological phenomena such as eutrophication, plant secondary metabolites, and pollinator trends. Currently, I am doing research on trap camera data extraction, plant density series experimental tests, and pollinator video analysis. I love visiting the ocean.

Eli Swanson

I’m a plant ecologist most interested in understanding how plant interactions might be used in applied settings to maximize demographic compensation and buffer climate driven impacts on species ranges.