Jenna Braun

I am interested in plant-insect interactions, restoration ecology and spatial ecology. I completed my undergrad at McMaster University in biology and environmental science and my previous experiences include examining insect communities in restored and remnant tallgrass prairie sites, cataloguing local forest diversity and structure, and creating a permanent forest dynamics plot. In addition to biology, I really enjoy cycling, knitting and gardening.


Tonia Cichella

I studying environmental biology at York University. Currently, I am doing research on pollinators and plant-insect interactions, as well as the conditions surrounding sexual vs asexual reproduction in rotifers. When I’m not studying biology, I’m most likely reading a book.


Alex Filazzola

I am interested in positive interactions, restoration ecology, and biological conservation/sustainability. Currently, I am studying plant facilitation and its restoration applications in Californian deserts. I enjoy greatly biology and what I do, but I also live a second life as a die-hard music enthusiast.



Stephanie Haas

Ecologist with interest in plant-animal interactions in deserts.


Christopher Lortie
I am an integrative scientist. I enjoy creative challenges but hate puzzles. I love being outside. I love to run. Plants are cool. I want to learn how to build interaction networks. Here is my personal website: