Lizards! Lizards everywhere!


2015 was a great year to start tracking lizards. Despite an early start to the season and some unseasonable rain in June, I was able to observe some neat behaviors.  In addition to visual surveys I was able to use trail cameras (thanks to the lab and the BLM for the cameras). Cameras were deployed almost continuously from April  early July. And they were definitely working. Over 450,000 pictures were take. How many of these are of animals remains to be seen.




Lots of plants especially from early in the season. Pictures are still being processed so hopefully we will see more lizard triggers from the later months. We’re looking for help with picture processing…. Any takers?



I was also lucky enough to get to collaborate on a telemetry project tracking the lizards (thanks to Larry Saslaw, Dave Germano, and Erin Tennant). This allowed me to follow individual lizards throughout the season. I’m really excited to start analyzing some of this data this fall.