The big debate!

Trying to sort out what loggers to bring into the field for this season. We have access to HOBO proV2 and HOBO pendant loggers, as well as 10 flowerpower loggers.

Reliability and Durability

– HOBOs probably best (more precise, more durable). There are 8 working in the lab currently, and two pendant loggers (4 others that need barrery replacement).

– ProV2: Temp and RH, but more expensive, bigger to travel with, battery difficult to replace


– pendant loggers: Temp and light, small, convenient for travel and easier to hide in the field, battery less expensive and easier to replace.


Buy 10-20 new pendant loggers for use in field this season (and replace batteries for dead ones). RH probably less important for pollinators than light, so cheaper, more convenient way to go.