Noble Updates

Things to do:

  • Plan field season/ thesis experimental design. The goal is to have plan solidified by Nov 7th.
  • Permit application for the Mojave
  • RCF Application by Friday
  • Finalize plans and search terms for thesis chapter 1: systematic review of indirect interactions.
  • NSTP 2015 (Churchill, MB) proposal and design
  • Narrative Review of mutualism history for critical skills.
  •  Thesis proposal/progress report by Dec. 5th

I will be deciding whether to do just my proposal or combine it with my progress report by Nov. 14th. I would like to have a committee meeting around this time to discuss this.

TAing and classes have been going smoothly. BIOL 5088 starts on Friday, and the students in ecology have completed their data collection for their lab reports.

I will post my diagrams for my experimental design a soon as they are finalized, however I cannot promise they will be beautiful.