Summary of goals & pipelines for blenders 2014-1

Here are the big picture goals organized into workflows for the next 2-3 weeks. Deadlines on calendar. After this binge though, let’s do our own individually.

1. Ecosphere revision & resubmission.
2. Upload all datasets via pasting to good spreadsheets with meta-data.
3. Sketch outline for first field data publication.

1. GEB revisions & resubmission.
2. Upload all field datasets collected to date.
3. Complete proposal & progress report.
4. Cores – low priority until all above completed. Hopefully, Amanda can cover.

1. Upload field datasets collected to date.
2. Update endnote library, read loads more, and submit/share library.
3.  Complete proposal & progress report.

1. Complete & submit systematic review.
2. Pick away at species-level identification of samples (bees).

1. Upload field datasets.
2. Restoration reading
3. Prep invasive seedbags – Panoche
4.  Begin editing thesis into ms for submission to journal (low priority this month).
5. Cores

1. Edit Anya ms
2. Edit Ryan ms
3. Edit all of above.
4. Begin draft of collapse meta-regression we pulled from PeerJ paper.