Interesting Camera Trap Videos from Carrizo Summer 2018


A video showing a Jack Rabbit Pooping at night, in the Carrizo Plain. One of the videos I have found while going through my camera trap data.


Similar to the previous post showing the Shrike take-off. This one shows it from a side profile.


A video of a Kitfox interacting with the camera trap at night. It seems that it has taken an interest in it and is a little curious.


Now that the Kitfox is gone, we have 2 Kangaroo Rats in view. Seems that they are foraging for some food to eat. This video was a few hours after the Kitfox was around.


The final video shows a Jack Rabbit early in the morning taking an interest in the Camera Trap. Similar to the Kitfox, it seems that the animals are a little curious.