April in the field

The Ephedra regional gradient experiment had a fair bit of support, but unfortunately the Californian climate was unforgiving. January being one of the driest months on record and February one of hottest it meant in field germination experiments were likely unsuccessful. But that’s okay! I managed to collect some data, pick out some field sites and hopefully learn from my mistakes. Next year I intend to plant much earlier, add two other species and rely on natural precipitation rather than trying to irrigate.

My plans for the rest of April will be to help survey lizard activity in Panoche Hills and get landscape level characteristics. I will be touring around with an excellent collaborator from France about adding new sites to my regional gradient and also finalizing the second chapter of my thesis (among a few other things). Full speed ahead.

microenviromental data

Microclimatic differences between shrub (closed circles) and open (open circles) along the regional gradient of continentality.