Back to the field!

Toronto progress

I completed my progress report. Overall went successfully and I got some really good ideas. I the brainstorming it to help developed an experiment testing how shrubs alter the realized niche of annual species. With this modeling, I hope to re-invented the way we examine things (fingers crossed). I have also begun revising my water gradient MS which I hope to submit in the next month or so. My Ephedra greenhouse experiment has come to a close last week. Trying to get Ephedra recruiting again back at Panoche Hills, I have been experimenting with a few things include sand densities to trying to encourage establishment. So far nothing conclusive, but hopefully my field experiment sheds more light.

Beginning field work

Looks like I will be busy once I get back to the field. I need to survey my Ephedra regional gradient experiment as well as my Ephedra seedlings. I also hope to continue working on my gradient MS and begin collected some seeds for my field experiments next year. I need to do some extra surveying as well to tie in with my shrub-mediated distributions paper. Should be a fun season!

amsinckia distribution