Bidirectional facilitation interactions publication out too

It is always a please to work with a large team. I had the good fortune and seeing many of the sites and doing some of the data collection. The alpine is magical. It is nice that plants interact up there (unless you go too high to the extreme perhaps : ).

Schöb, C., Michalet, R., Cavieres, L. A., Pugnaire, F. I., Brooker, R. W., Butterfield, B. J., Cook, B. J., Kikvidze, Z., Lortie, C. J., Xiao, S., Al Hayek, P., Anthelme, F., Cranston, B. H., García, M.-C., Le Bagousse-Pinguet, Y., Reid, A. M., le Roux, P. C., Lingua, E., Nyakatya, M. J., Touzard, B., Zhao, L. and Callaway, R. M. 2014. A global analysis of bidirectional interactions in alpine plant communities shows facilitators experiencing strong reciprocal fitness costs. – New Phytologist 202: 95-105.

Also, a commentary by another Canadian scientist:

McIntire, E. J. B. 2014. Being a facilitator can be costly: teasing apart reciprocal effects. – New Phytologist 202: 4-6.