Collaboration update

Great meeting, thank you.

Collaboration summary
(1) Add invasion dynamics with management practices more explicitly to power lines. Provide summary of literature of these specific ideas.
(2) Test powerlines as habitats for invasives (not necessarily corridors). Test this idea by changing management practices, length of time since mowing, etc. Develop these ideas out further and link to existing theory and research.
(3) Link dominant invasion hypotheses with power lines and ascertain the capacity for these environments to test key hypotheses. Use Laurent’s paper as a starting point with trees – do same approach to power lines but there is way less lit.
(4) Importance of power lines as greenspace. Link to conservation/restoration/habitat frag literature explicitly.

(1) Indirect/apparent facilitation in California. Match protocols, add novel twist. Develop clean, summary protocols to provide to the group by next meeting.
(2) A contrast of the seed biology of beneficiary species. Weigh seeds, measure size, do viability analyses with tz, do viability tests via germination trials under germane conditions. Provide experimental design by next meeting.
(3) Germination trials of beneficiary species under controlled shrub-open conditions and in competition. Mount this experiment by end of term. Provide experimental outline by next meeting.
(4) Prep experimental protocol for  understorey video observation project soon to launch.
(5) Finish revisions on systematic review.

(1) Provide draft of plasticity experiment by Oct 14th.
(2) Provide summary of genetic analysis approach.
(3) Provide outline for conceptual paper (if you want to collaborate on this).

(1) Prep experimental design for yst competition experiments: one for field one for greenhouse.
(2) Research direct readings topics for Amanda.
(3) Write a paper.

(1) Complete stats for CH2.
(2) Provide outline and some draft elements to CH2.
(3) Work on Canpolin big picture plan to some extent.

(1) Make list of hot topics, specifically.
(2) Develop research gap matrix for 2 topics.

(1) Update us on research.
(2) Will you be doing systematic review?

BIG IDEA – sampling designs for ecology compare and contrast. Work with Norm Yan.