Cool (or hot) new facilitation publications out this week

Badano, E. I., Bustamante, R. O., Villarroel, E., Marquet, P. A. and Cavieres, L. A. 2015. Facilitation by nurse plants regulates community invasibility in harsh environments. – Journal of Vegetation Science: n/a-n/a.

Chen, J., Schöb, C., Zhou, Z., Gong, Q., Li, X., Yang, Y., Li, Z. and Sun, H. 2015. Cushion plants can have a positive effect on diversity at high elevations in the Himalayan Hengduan Mountains. – Journal of Vegetation Science: n/a-n/a.

Cipriotti, P. A. and Aguiar, M. R. 2015. Is the balance between competition and facilitation a driver of the patch dynamics in arid vegetation mosaics? – Oikos 124: 139-149.

Maher, C. T., Barber, A. L. and Affleck, D. L. R. 2015. Shelter provided by wood, facilitation, and density-dependent herbivory influence Great Basin bristlecone pine seedling survival. – Forest Ecology and Management 342: 76-83.

Drezner, T. D. 2015. Regional environmental conditions affect microsite response in a keystone desert species. – Journal of Arid Environments 116: 89-95.

There are many more but these are ones that popped across my virtual desk this week.