Filazzola: Updates weekend Oct 20, 2012

Change in topic:

From – Ditched the whole power line bit, but still have all the article footwork which can inevitably be turned into a systematic review.  The reason for the departure is because it looked difficult (or unlikely) to find any trends, similar articles were poorly cited and the biological conservation ramifications seemed weak

To – Facilitation because it is more interesting, less information available (making it an emerging topic) and because I found an interesting spin to it. I plan on trying to decouple the seed arrival and seed establishment mechanisms for nurse plants in the deserts of California.

November: Replicate Anthelme and Dangles figure using facilitation effects on seed arrival/establishment. Develop an article base to be used for meta-analysis & syst. rev.

Background: I am half way through both my graduate courses, and semester of TAing Ecology.