Graduate student-supervisor agreement (gssa)

Transparent, shared, owned expectations are critical to a successful collaboration.  Consequently, here is a list of expectations that we need to agree upon.  In signing this document, we both confirm that we have reviewed and accept the expectations and will do our best to satisfy the conditions.


1. Whenever possible, we will give each other two weeks notice for the expected return of edited documents, deadlines we agree upon for products, reference letters, grant applications, or any materials that require writing and editing.  Minor edits to a document or product version already in progress can have shorter deadlines if we both agree upon them in advance.

2. If we have completed writing the papers for a dataset or within 1 year of completion of thesis, we will publish the datasets in a public repository.

3. Prior to the thesis being sent to committee in preparation for defense (i.e. final approval by supervisor), at least one manuscript must be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for an MSc and two submissions for a PhD.

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Here it is as pdf.