Nomenclature for pollinator and animal stills and videos

Given that an increasing proportion of Big Data globally are not in alphanumeric formats, nomenclature with appropriate semantic tags are critical to enable retrieval and use of videos and pictures. In ecology, animal cameras are a popular tool to ‘trap’ or capture vertebrates in the field. In our lab, we use these extensively for this purpose but also use small, HD cameras to record pollinators and flying invertebrates (description of methodology: From birds to bees: applying video observation techniques to invertebrate pollinators). However, as we explore sharing these data online via youtube or as data packages with new data journals, we have come to realize that even with appropriate, well-articulated meta-data, file names are important and must be descriptive. Zooniverse as a platform has many animal-cam projects now and you are typically logged in to collaborate so perhaps it less critical. In all other domains however, it is likely useful to have file names that support rapid assessment of ecological context (maybe even for the kitten clips too).


We are discussing this format now but would love additional input on nomenclature – i.e. from systematic nomenclature domains.

year-site-microsite-rep.extensions seems like a reasonable starting point. There are many other options though.