Phenology in deserts of California 2015

The variation in phenology of the vegetation at Panoche Hills Ecological Reserve and the UC Reserve in Mojave National Preserve in 2015 is a real challenge to fieldwork. Estimating peak flowering and biomass will be very difficult this season (and likely many more seasons if drought persists).  Solutions to our field expedition planning can include some of the following elements.

1. Check local weather station data regularly and keep an eye on peak temperatures.

2. Reach out to local collaborators at each site to provide photographs regularly and post this evidence to the blog/notebook here.

3. Plan to be too early and not too late for flowering and peak biomass.
Go directly to field sites, check conditions, and if it turns out you have time, work on other projects at more comfortable location.

4. Set up an instagram feed and share it globally. Get citizen scientists including hikers, ranchers, and tourists to post pics to the tag sets you provide.