#phenology, pollinators, flowering, and facilitation in deserts

Here are just a few quick sketches as I brainstorm on phenology matching and how it could impact pollinators. I am conceptually modeling ‘matching’ here between annuals and shrubs – not between plants-pollinators. However, that set of conjunction of three interactor-phenology dynamics would be absolutely fascinating.

Can pollinators ‘catch up’ to either set of floral resources and/or does the extent of set mismatches between plants and insects introduce plant-plant novel (and likely negative) dynamics.

Phenology matches can be varied. We need to know this for a range of different sites wherein shrubs facilitate annuals.

phenology matching signal we need to know

You can introduce phytometers at different times and annual contexts at the site level.


phytometer introduction options

If the mismatches in annual-shrub flowering are dramatic and generally non-overlapping regionally, ouch, then perhaps artificial shrubs with flowers are needed. Some options depicted here. Basically, add a shrub-flowering treatment. Not ideal but thanks to droughts in California, can be critical.

shrub flowering treatment