Progress report meetings 2015

Shrubs as restoration tools: amanda

first census post hoc contrasts etc.

is there someone that can do census for you now?


explain for ch3 again

is there spatial autocorrelation in the scat locations

use paint around holes

Shrub-pollinator interactions: ally

why would the wind pollinated act as a magnet at all? is there an ecological precedent for that?

obligate outcrossers?

cost of facilitation and reciprocity of pollination on seed set, ie effective pollination

Mechanistic & gradient effects: alex

ch3 vs ch5 need a different introduction to set up the differences

potential implications

reframe ch 3 and 5 more solidly into theoretical ecology

ch5 – is the two-phase community sampling approach appropriate?

gradient – invasion, grass, or the amplitude of variation – biodiversity gradients – or consumer pressure

what stats to use: RDA or CA

Some pics from the practices makes perfect session beforehand 🙂