Ryan Updates Week of August 13, 2012

Chapter 1 – Paper submitted to Neobiota, followed up with head editor who said reviewers were on vacation until August 10th, they are only getting to the review now!!

Chapter 2 – Have processed and morphotyped 22,707 arthropods from my four sites. – 300+ morphospecies; ~100 families total.

Currently trying to refine my bee classification with help from the Packer lab – slow going and doing most myself as their time and resources are limited. I’m having Sheila and Hien check my work. Can get all bees down to genus, most will have to be morphotyped as sufficient taxanomic keys are not available for western bees. I expect to spend up until the end of this week only on this, and then use what I have to begin data organization and analyses. Repurchased JMP and expect to do some stats in Cali with Chris, hopefully.

I have begun writing methods.

Chapter 3 – Will use data as above.