Fall 2020 goals


  1. Stay healthy.
  2. Be safe.
  3. Connect with team.
  4. Learn something new.


  1. Academic plan.
  2. MSc and PhD committees built and summoned.
  3. Read a pile of papers on existing focus and begin a new direction too.
  4. Proposal.
  5. Complete and submit outstanding synthesis papers.
  6. Book and schedule progress reports.
  7. Prep deck and present at report meeting.


  1. Set hard and soft deadlines.
  2. Populate google calendar.
  3. Identify stepping stones to larger goals and make lists breaking each deliverable down.
  4. Select someone to be accountable to.
  5. Identify collaborations and update them on stepping stones.
  6. Keep track of progress (Gantt charts, notes, meetings, GitHub repos with issues to track).
  7. Plan breaks from the screen.
get the lands out so you have the mana to spend