Team updates & todos

Updates on progress & immediate to do lists for next two weeks.
Revise thesis proposal of Amanda
Revise methods contrast of Ryan: A comparison of arthropod sampling methods in grasslands.
Prep seminar “A bug’s life: trophic implications of plant invasions”, co-authors Ryan 7 Anya, for Channel Islands University
Prep creativity seminar for Red Bull
Write Oikos editorial

Process soil cores and refine methodology
Maintain yst experiment
Crank a bit on nurse systematic review
Prep thesis proposal for progress reports

Complete plasticity paper & submit
Prep progress report
Work on general thesis introduction
Revise seed plasticity proposal & send to Diego & Chris

Initiate viability analyses on seeds
Maintain germination trials
Maintain yst experiment
Revise systematic review – now late

Submit methods paper
Revise main research paper from thesis
Prep progress report
Pick away at ID of Toronto Canpolin samples

Ally & Amanda
Prep directed reading summaries
Meet with Alex & I next week to make gamplan for next month

Meet with Rick
Decide on final proposal details and send back for review