Transportation updates for California expeditions 2.0

A combination of driving only in first gear with the hazards on and some very serious pushing from the garage staff has safely placed the lab research vehicle at the mechanics. Regardless of the outcome, here is the plan for season.

Aircraft  Mechanics

I know that Amanda & Alex are keen to organize flights as soon as possible to capitalize on relatively good pricing. Hence, I have done my best to organize transportation and commit appropriate support.

1. Alex & Amanda: Please book into whatever airport you see fit and rent a car (or cars as needed if you are going separately). You will be using rental cars for the remainder of this season, i.e. expedition 2.0 March to April 2015.

2. Ally & Jenni:  You two are both all sorted out. Great. Please keep track of mileage and keep a fuel receipts just in case as well.

3. Taylor & Chris. Taylor, if and only if the car is fully safe and repaired, it is yours for the remainder of the season. If not, I will let you know immediately so you can book a car rental too.

1. Taylor is here the longest but with the least extent of between-fieldsites travel reducing likelihood of additional car failure.
2. Taylor is also slated for the ‘oh so fun’ return journey drive for the car to Canada this summer (provided fully repaired).
3. Alex has the most support from FGS for research and will likely also secure more. He also has the most driving within California so a rental car that is not our responsibility in terms of maintenance is best.  If you go over budget, I will apply NSERC funds.  Also, I will use another grant to cover current lab car repairs and/or shipping back to Canada.
4. Amanda has two sites not too far away and can even elect to stay at Pinnacles if needed. She can also consider piggybacking some rides with Alex. I am however fully prepare to commit NSERC funds to an independent car rental if you need it Amanda for the whole time.

1. Chris: pick up/ship/complete current car repair cycle.
2. Alex & Amanda: Please let Taylor what equipment you need from car and when.
3. Alex & Amanda: please set up a Costco account in the USA for yourselves and use our USA address.  Then, do car rental through their site to defray costs.
4. Taylor: Keep checking notebook before you fly re: if car rental is needed. Please also update Calendar with your flight number and specific arrival/departure time so that I can meet you or plan accordingly.