Hello everyone, just wanted to update you on a few things I’ve been doing:

1. Seed biology project. Currently testing conditions to start the experiment, weighing seeds and starting viability and germination trials. Competition experiments to come. Also, new seeds are being produced on the field sites so a new protocol must be designed.

2. Understorey species pollination project. Executed during short stay in Chile. Four days with 10 cameras (5 open, 5 under shrub) are available to start analyzing, as well as samples from pan traps at the same number of replicates. Under-storey species surveyed: Chaetanthera linearis (Asteraceae).

3. Starting research and planning for Cali project.

4. Revisions on Syst Rev on their way.

5, Big mensurative experiment. Data collection taking place in Peru, data collected at Chile during short stay. Currently processing and constructing data base.