Updates – BugTO

Doing a bit of microscopy on my downtime while I wait for thesis edits. Here are some pictures from today. These samples were taken from grasslands in the greater Toronto area, from pitfall traps.

From left to right:

Carabus nemoralis – A large ground beetle that is endemic to Europe and introduced to North America. This particular species is easily identified by bronzed elytra and a purplish tint to the edges of the pronotum. You can sort of see the purple in the photo, it’s very obvious in  good light. Mainly predaceous.

Anoscopus flavostriatus (x3); Anoscopus serratulae (x1 missing head) – Leafhoppers that again are endemic to Europe and adventive in North America. Piercing and sucking herbivore.

A member of the family Scutelleridae which is closely related to stink bugs. One distinguishing feature of this family is the scutellum which extends over the wings and abdomen. Piercing and sucking herbivore.